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LEAN goes Green

If we aim to keep global warming below two degrees, we must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and - at the same time - remove a portion of the CO2 that we have already emitted. In other words, becoming climate-neutral is not enough. From 2021 onwards, everything LEAN does will be a real contribution to our climate.

Because LEAN 🌱 is working climate-positive (in US: carbon-negative), we make sure that every time you work with us, you (and your company) have a positive impact on the climate. This makes working with our people even more fun ;-)

How working climate-positive works? Scroll down and read all about it.

Climate-positive in 3 simple steps

1. We calculate 100% of our CO2 emissions.

We take into account all CO2 emissions that our office and our people cause. For LEAN, this means calculating all emissions related to our business, all travel movements by our staff, the - unfortunately not yet excluded - paperwork etc.

2. We reduce our emission.

In 2021 LEAN has set up an internal programme to cut down its CO2 emissions as much as possible. We do this by spending less on activities and/or purchasing products that emit greenhouse gases and by investing more in sustainable solutions and savings. As any LEAN-er should, we try to improve and reduce our emissions every time. We add solutions and adapt what does not work and will keep this up. Completely in line with our motto 'create-measure-learn'.  

3. We compensate at least 110%.

Together with Trees for All -  the most experienced provider of CO2 compensation and the only CBF-certified foundation in the Netherlands - we plant trees that absorb and store the CO2 emissions that we generate as a company.

Not only do we compensate our own CO2 emissions, but we also compensate an (minimum) additional 10% of our CO2 emissions. This means that we are willing - where others are yet unable or unwilling - to reduce the total global emissions step by step.

This makes LEAN LAWYERS the first climate-positive law firm in the Netherlands. (Or even worldwide?)

Checked by the Climate Neutral Group
+ Trees for All

Onze CO2-uitstoot wordt jaarlijks geverifieerd door de Climate Neutral Group. Het meest recente rapport download je door hier te klikken. Dat wij onze CO2-uitstoot met meer dan 110% compenseren blijkt uit de gecertificeerde donatie aan onze partner Trees for All die je vind door hier te klikken.

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