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Legal done differently

LEAN = not your regular law firm

We are more than your ordinary law firm in the city of Utrecht (the Netherlands).

In 2016 our founders were inspired by the LEAN philosophy on the one hand and the book The LEAN Startup by Eric Ries on the other. We live - with - what we call - our 'create-measure-learn' principles.

Using a step-by-step approach, we offer our clients targeted - innovative - solutions for challenges with a legal component. We always add value and help you realise your goals. We do so climate-positive and with an eye for people and society.

Want to know more about 'the LEAN way' and our approach?

Scroll down and read for yourself how we do things differently than traditional law firms.

The Lean Startup

Let's start at the beginning. Our founders Paul and Dries read about the LEAN principles and philosophy of Toyota and subsequently read the book The LEAN Startup by Eric Ries. Inspired by both they decided to build a law firm from scratch. Without unnecessary ballast, away from old traditions and with pure focus on delivering added value.

De 3 stappen in The LEAN Startup hebben we omgezet naar het ‘Create-Measure-Learn’ principe. Anders dan de traditionele advocatenkantoren innoveren wij, zetten wij vol in op efficiëntie en wachten wij bij productontwikkeling niet tot iets 100% af en zeker is. 


We build products and develop services which can be of added value to our clients.We create a so-called minimal viable product (an MVP) (Create). We then continuously measure and analyse the data and/or experiences (Measure). What do our clients think? Which functions work? Which services are missing? We learn from this (Learn) in order to subsequently develop a new, modified version of the product or service. This brings us to the first step, Create. In this way, the Create-Measure-Learn cycle has a self-reinforcing effect.

Each new cycle provides new insights and gives our team the opportunity to improve the product, the services or itself.

Law made simple

LEAN LAWYERS' view of the legal playing field is highly ambitious,  progressive and translated into our slogan 'Law made simple'. This being our pay off, our promise, something we strive for every day of the week. With this, we have rapidly grown from two founders in your typical start-up basement in Utrecht to currently 15 LEAN-ers in a thriving office environment building our own experience centre.

Sounds good, right?

What our LEAN DNA means for you

  • Find the value, root the waste.
    Always adding value. That is what LEAN is all about. All day, every day.
  • We add value. We keep it simple. Always.
    Personalised? Yes. Cost-efficient? Yes. Beating around the bush? No.
  • 175+ years of experience. Quality is never a point of discussion.
    We may be a relatively young firm, but together we have over 175 years of legal experience.
    At LEAN, you won't pay top prices, but you will always get legal services of the highest level.
  • Always innovative, positive, surprising and different.
    Forget what you know about the 'old-fashioned law firms' and experience our different approach to solve (legal) problems and realize your ambitions.
    We are innovative, positive and surprisingly different.
  • We work in a climate-positive and thus offset our CO2 emissions by at least 110%.
    This means that working with LEAN is also substantially better for the environment.

Sounds good?
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Reactorweg 47

3542 AD  Utrecht
+31 85 303 64 29

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